Thursday, September 08, 2005

A New Home and Fresh Prawns

Well, it's official, we are now moving into town. We are very relieved to have signed a one-year lease. It feels like we have moved so many times in the last four months or so. It will be good to settle in for a while. The new house has three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and two kitchens. Rob is very excited about finally having a a beer fridge to call his own. Although there are a lot of stairs (being on a steep cliff) it is quite baby-proofable with only a few gates. (We hope!) We are pleased that there is a an air-conditioned sitting room and kitchen downstairs so we can seal ourselves away in a climate controlled bubble when the heat gets to be too much. Right now we only have air conditioning in the bedrooms, so cooking and meals can feel a bit like an exercise in patience. The house also has several lovely patios, one of which is completey shaded and has high enough walls that Lucas can putter about outside without danger. We hope to find a swing or something to hang up. We have a small shaded dip pool (we are going to have to take a crash course on pool maintenance I think!) and apparently we are a stone's throw away from Playa Contramar, which is a pebbley beach. It sounds like the perfect place for a quiet dog walk. If we walk in the other direction we can cross over a bridge over the canal and be right downtown. Across the street from us are a couple of nice restaurants. We are all looking forward to exploring the area when the time comes.

Another happy thing; we found the 'real' market this morning. Mom and Lucas and I took a wrong turn the other day and thought we glimpsed some action. So this morning we returned and parked. We were delighted to find queso fresco, brillliant flor de calabaza, fresh corn on the cob, fragrant papayas and HEAPS OF FRESH PRAWNS!!! We couldn't pass by the kilo for 90 pesos (about $9 US) so we came home pleased as could be with our coveted goods. Next week we plan to return to buy some fresh fish for dinner. They scale and gut them for you as you watch. Fantastic.

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Todd Wong said...

A Kilo of Prawns for $9 US!

We only had little prawns with black bean sauce.

Your Auntie Pat and Deb cooked, while I wrote my Opera review. Yes... we took your Auntie Pat to see an opera - Naomi's Road. Read my review at

I look forward to Prawn feasts when I arrive in Zihuatanejo.

I also have to find out where Los Chinos is.

Cheers, Todd