Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ting and Lucas

A pic of me and Lukey. Twice now; we're getting better.

La Casa

Here's the gorgeous pool, Lucas and I, and our pool boy.

Why it has appeared three times...I do not know!

A New Adventure for the Higman Hergans Family Begins...

So here we are finally in our new home. For now at least. As discouraging as it is to think about moving once again in October, we all know that this cockroach palace is not to be. It's large and roomy, could sleep the whole extended family, but it's definately not a place we'd want to call home. Lucas, of course, has pointed this out repeatedly to us by trying the absorbancy of the tiled floors and concrete stairs daily with his little head. Ouch. We have been very inventive in finding ways to baby proof spiral staircases, cavernous pool-pump holes, open kitchen cupboards housing porcelain dishes, and plastic sink hoses that pull out of the wall, but alas my role of duct tape is running out. So while the search is on for a more baby and pocket friendly abode we have been enjoying our mango and lime trees, swimming pool, private bathrooms for everyone including the dogs and ability to speak loudly when Lucas is sleeping! Pillo would add the the gecko chasing is not too shabby either. I will post some photos of our current digs.

P.S. Apparently the cockroaches are simply seasonal!