Friday, June 02, 2006

Almost Home

Hi Everyone! We are counting down the days until we hit Vancouver soil again, but until then we have been enjoying our spring here. The end of May saw us forced out of our home for a weekend while the electricity was "fixed" for the upcoming summer rains, so we ate everything perishable in the fridge and packed the family up like sardines into the truck for the weekend.
We ended up in Barra de Potosi, a small village 45 minutes south of us. We found a lovely little beach house to rent that was pet friendly and right on the beach. Both Lucas and the dogs were in heaven as they had free-run of the shady, breezy property. I can't tell you how many times we showered sand off of Lucas over the two days! He would ask to be rinsed, then run gleefully back down to the shady palapa and plop his clean, wet butt right back down in the sand!

Pillo was is heaven with the wide open beach, plethora of geckos to sniff out, and a stray herd of cows to "defend" us from early Sunday morning. Chola dozed contentedly in the shade and followed me faithfully back and forth. On Saturday night we sat at the beach and watched a truly magnificent sunset, tucked Lucas into bed, and read ourselves silly. It was a very relaxing little holiday and despite the fact that we locked ourselves out of the house when we returned to Zihua, one that dissipated a lot of stress for all of us.

So as we are getting ourselves organized for our visit home, we await the rains here with excitement (it would be SO nice!) and are getting in some good games of Settlers before we lose Mom! (Seen above played with the Seafarers of Catan extension.)

Can't wait to see you all! Love Ting