Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fabric Frenzy

I haven't sewn in ages. And honestly, I've never been any good at it. But there remains in me a desire to craft and somehow be successful with what I create. Ha - that's what Pinterest will do to you I guess. So recently I found myself  on a glorious sunny day (of which we have had so few) at my very favorite fabric store buying squares of the most joy-filling fabric. Although I haven't actually done anything more than wash and iron the pieces so far, I am filled with happy just to look at them and imagine what I might one day produce.

 The above have plans to be transformed into a skirt for Mia. 

The birds on the far left were made into a new kitchen curtain. 

So if you are ever in the hunt for great fabric to inspire, I suggest you head over to Spool of Thread and peruse their selections.

And by the way... don't be surprised if you never see a blog post with the finished products!