Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Lucas and I decided to make muffins this morning; always a good time. Lucas is a good helper and pays attention carefully to my instructions. This morning was the same as he measured and poured baking powder, spices and flour. Then I said, quite literally, "Now with the salt, we are going to have to pour it." Ooops, mama- error. What I meant was pour it into the measuring spoon rather than scoop it. Hmm.... in the blink of an eye we had about a cup of salt in the muffin batter. I managed to scoop most out but they were still a little salty. But to us two pickle-loving fiends, suprisingly delicious!

Lucas wouldn't let me put "his" raisins in the muffins, as he is proudly showing the camera in this photo.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Fall Days

Fall is definitely my favorite time of year, and this year has been no exception. I love the crisp cool autumn air that seems to sooth my angst with the scent of dirt and wet. It has been so lovely to have so many beautiful, clear days to enjoy this time and Lucas, the dogs and I have been out at the local parks almost every day. Pillo has been in squirrel-chasing heaven and seems to have gotten over his sense of loss for gecko-chasing. Chola enjoys being close to Lucas and picking up any crumbs that may fall her way as well as barking loudly to protest any frolicking by younger, more energetic, and of course hearing dogs. Always the referee! She is really showing her age these days and has seriously been concerning me with acute separation anxiety as I need to leave her from time to time. This week we are off to the vet to see what we can do.

Coming home from the park and having a nice cuddly nap with Pillo!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Some Complaints

So ... I've been getting some complaints lately that I haven't been updating my blog. When I checked, I was actually surprised that it was true!

I guess time has been passing very quickly now that I'm back in Vancouver and fully engrossed in a fairly normal life again. One that includes a lot of time spent with Lucas and the dogs, might I add! Lucas has decided that he does not nap for long anymore and is definitely "no sleepy mommy" every night. Thus I get less and less time to do things like write and post pictures (much less do housework, keep up with friends or gasp... take some time for myself!) As much as I miss having some personal time, I am really loving just being there with Lucas as he grows into a crazy kid. His budding linguistic skills often have me on the floor laughing and shaking my head with wonder. I worry that he is becoming all too much like me. Today my SIL commented that she liked his sound effects that accompany pretty much everything he does. Yup - that's me. I have always had an internal (ok, sometimes external) soundtrack that spins in my head as I go about life. I guess that playing with a toddler all day has weakened my inhibitions and now I do them for him. You're right Anne - I do love that he's just a little nutty like me. I'm flattered, really!

So let's see. Now that I see most of you fairly often, I feel it somewhat unnecessary to update you on my life, but here it goes anyways.

First of all; I'M HOME!!!!!!!!!!! Can you read the joy in that?! It became so very apparent to me once I came home for vacations this summer, that I needed to be here permanently. I just missed my community too much. The year away was fantastic and I wouldn't change the experience for anything, but one thing it really taught me was that at this stage in my life, I need my friends and family around me. I value those relationships so much more after missing them so terribly this last year. It has been wonderful to reconnect with everyone and to re-establish bonds and ties. I have new resolve to keep those strong even as a new year of "crazy motherhood days" approaches. If I get lazy - call me on it!

Moving back into our house was an upward battle as the tenants we had carefully chosen took personal offense to their notice to end tenancy. I do not enjoy being a landlord, let me tell you, especially when it involves my home which I have learned I am far too emotionally attached to. (A large mortgage will do that they say ;) ) Anyways, now that Lucas and I are moved back in, I feel so very content and the nesting begins again. The only problem is that Lucas keeps opening up empty drawers and asking where daddy's clothes are. Thus this week our mission is to get some of Rob's things moved in from my Mom's in anticipation of his return home.

What did they do - take a chainsaw to the trees when they got notice?

That's right - Rob's coming home! Tonight is two weeks until the big guy rolls in and tries to re-arrange the furniture, steal the remote, and drink juice straight from the jug. I can't wait. Lucas does weird things like look out the windows for him, call out to him as though he may be listening, and point to airplanes and declare that daddy is on one. Heart-wrenching and absolutely endearing all at once.

When Rob does get home, I have promised that we may have another mini birthday party for Lucas. He insists that it will have pizza, cake with candles, presents, ice cream and most importantly, Daddy. I hope you're up for hours of playing Rob, because Lucas has planned your days already!

I can't believe that our little baby is two years old. It has flown by and now the little screaming squirt has been replaced by a rather mischievous screaming toddler. Screaming with joy of course, but he is pretty loud at times! We had a super birthday party soon after we moved in. Such fun to see all Lucas' friends hanging out in the house again. Chola hid in the bedroom.

Lucas eating cake for breakfast. I know, I know...

And as for me, I'm getting rather rotund and guessing constantly about the gender of number two. Today marks six weeks until my due date. Wow. Lucas and I sorted baby clothes yesterday and today Teddy had to be fully dressed in some of them before we could get out the door.

Well, that's it for now. Lucas, Logan, Jus and I spent the day at Bear Creek Train Park, and I'm just bushed from all the driving and excitement. I would have probably jumped into bed with him at eight if he hadn't told me, "Go away Mommy, kiss kiss I love you, night night." Sigh.....

All geared up for some serious puddle-jumping.