Saturday, June 21, 2008

Good Times

Beer and burgers on the patio at The Garibaldi Lift Company watching the mountain bikers. Lucas and Mia were both fascinated and inspired. (As were Rob and I, but it also made us feel old and out of shape!)

We spent a rather last-minute, but well deserved long weekend at Whistler this last weekend; serendipity allowing us the few gorgeous days of sun that June has seen so far. After our last get-away, which found us condo jailed without rain gear forcing us to abort our plans, this was a rare treat. We packed a whole lot of fun into few short days including celebrating Rob for father's day in grand style at the water park, a fishing adventure at Rainbow Park, scandalous dining at The Old Spaghetti Factory, and many, many trips down the Intrawest water slide. I think we all came home with chlorine bleached hair and wrinkled skin.

These picture are so amazing to me. My mom has countless photos on this same dock (Lakeside Park) on Alta lake right by our old cabin, but in it are George and I - not much older than Lucas and Mia are here.

Rainbow Park fishies being terrorized by children with nets. All in good fun and back to the lake they went.

The catch.

Happiness is coming home from Whistler to discover your strawberry plant has been busy making gloriously red, shiny, sweet fruit.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Cold Activities

Ok, so I know it's not THAT cold, but it certainly is annoying that our summer refuses to actually commit. Our activities this week were not as sun-loving as I was craving, but that was partially due to a some little colds that Lucas, Mia and I have acquired.

On Tuesday we got to see our primo Pucci, which is always great. Mia took full advantage of snuggles and Lucas of cookies by George.

On Thursday I treated myself to a pedicure which I promptly tucked into socks and shoes for work because I was freezing. By Friday we all felt pretty under the weather so we stayed in our pj's most of the day. (Ok, Lucas stayed in them all day) Here is a photo of our castle that we made. It was the first time I had seen Mia actually have a longer than ten minute interest in the crafts, but she still went to bed that night with glitter glued into her hair.

Saturday was all about work and chores, but today we packed a picnic and went to Maplewood Farm. It was a great choice for an overcast day. We all had a blast that included lots of goat hugs, chicken chasing and a pretty darn cute pony ride.