Sunday, April 25, 2010

Palm Desert 2010

Mia snuggles Jackson and Hannah. Lucas would have none of it.

The winter had us wanting for a wee bit of sunshine, and so we took a quick trip down to the club in Palm Desert for a few days. After a brief stop to visit cousins in Bellingham, we boarded the el-cheapo express to LA where we picked up our car and drove to Palm Desert. Yes - a little round-about, but it saved us hundreds and only added a couple of hours travel time. (This is what I kept reminding myself when in the mids of "Are we there yets?") LOL

Ah. The pool. Warm sun. We would drive and drive for this.

The club (aka Club Intrawest Palm Desert) is replete with super tame wildlife. The jackrabbits abound the gardens. (We preferred to call them jackalopes ala Scooby Doo) And Lucas and Mia were convinced they could catch one. Not so much...but cute!

The ducks, on the other hand, are so tame they come and eat out of your hand, and one was even so bold as to come into our vacation home and have a gander (hahaha) around and see if there were any more crumbs to be had. This one is having a go at getting the goods from Lucas, who was holding out I guess!

We visited The Living Desert, an amazing interactive zoo. Mia spent close to an hour grooming goats. That's a girl after her daddy's heart.

Friends were made at the club, and Lucas learned to swim. Yay! he just kind of got his float and was off!

At the end of the week we drove to Santa Monica to see Rob's old haunt. We had a fun afternoon at the pier, riding bikes on Venice Beach and taking the kids for dinner to a pub!

No prizes were won in the climbing of this ladder!
(Embarrassing photos of my attempt were not recorded!)