Monday, November 23, 2009

The Blog Wagon - hold on to the reins

If there is such a a thing as a blog wagon, I have surely fallen off of it. I apologize but will move forward in my quest for eternal commemoration of my humble life with crazy kids, furry friends and enabling husband.

Life is ... I know you already guessed it... busy. Sometimes the wind blows in unexpected directions and I guess this last month or two has seen it blow more unpredictably than even we were expecting.

Let me recap by framing my thoughts for you. Today when having coffee with a close friend and telling her all my woes, I got around to the empty cup that currently is my blog. When I actually needed to verbalize what is what that was holding me back it was essentially these two things;

1. I feel that I musn't leave anything out. I suffer from pangs of guilt if I haven't documented, say Halloween (which I haven't) or a birthday. I fear that myself or one of the kids will look back on it one day and say hey - what was I for Halloween that year anyways... and I will feel horrible. Hahaha. I know it sounds funny.

2. I strive for optimism. When I just can't seem to muster the courage to be so, I can't seem to write my blog.

Now, at this point in reading you should be making this conclusion; Ting is feeling guilty that she hasn't written about the last month and a half, and Ting has not been very optimistic during this time period. You would be correct about both.

And so for now I will sign off. But fear not, I will be back on-line soon. I can feel it...