Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sometimes life is just so f$%#ing busy, no?

Time has a mind of its own. Sometimes it ticks by with painful tedium as I spend countless hours wiping down the same tables, sweeping the same floors, making the same peanut butter and jam sandwiches and saying the same things. "Broken record" is such a brilliant cliche really.

Yet then at all-too-often times (often predictable ones like before I have to get to work or dinner time) things begin to swirl and spin around me and I find that time itself has sped up and a coffee that can normally be consumed at a comfortable temperature now needs to be gulped, knots in hair must be pulled or hidden, clutter jammed into nooks and crannies, lesson ideas and to-do lists written on scraps of paper soon forgotten in my bag. Everything gets louder and I begin to twitch with anxiety about how I'll ever get it all done much less the kids dressed, but I do.

Ahhh, these are the days. And so I blog, to take a moment to reflect on it all. Because it is all there; fast and slow alike it brings with it a true wealth of gritty life that brings every conceivable emotion into our lives. And savour it I must, for it will soon pass and I will forget how pissed off I was, how embarrassed I felt, how naive it sounded, or how stupid I was. And if I forget, then how will I move through and laugh at myself the next time? Which I must, for this laughter and lightness is what makes me largely who I want to be. When I feel like I could pop someones head off like the top of a dandelion and then I listen to a child's rational behind those irksome actions, how can I not laugh at my own foolishness and wonder at the development of cognition. Life is so rich and so I also savour the joy of so many special cuddles, spoken sentiments of undying love, moments of pure silliness, laughter that makes me pee, observations that I may not have ever noticed on my own.

Since my last post we've;
- been to Baker and done some skiing and settling with the lovely Aitkens
- been to a good friends wedding
- terrorized the Loden (Rob's workplace) for 24hours of family fun
- gone back to Whistler to frolick in the pool
- homed a very tame and loving broccoli butterfly named Anna for a week (L)
- buried a mourned a beautiful yellow butterfly named Anna (L)
- realized that you really do go MUCH faster without training wheels (L)
- built and erupted numerous volcanoes (L)
- grown an incredible mop of hair that doesn't want a cut (L)
- finally got the hang of pooping on the potty (M)
- decided that Roberto Luongo is our favorite hockey player (M)
- named all our dolls Sally (M)
- accepted grandpa into our circle (M)
- taken on very full-time work for the next nine weeks (T)
- discovered that there is actually a video game I enjoy (T)
- become embarrassingly sore from 45 minutes of non-stop Dance Revolution (?)
- accepted numerous awards for his restaurant (R)
- lived on law-defying amounts of limited sleep (R)
- been accused of narcolepsy (R)
We also had a lovely Easter - I'll try and post those pics tomorrow!

And so here is this week's Tingolosophy:
When they make you snap, laugh.
When they make you fret, let go.
When they make you laugh, laugh hard.
When they cry, cry with them.
When it's just not fair, fix it.
When they dawdle, dawdle with them.
If their shoes don't match, who cares.
When you are asked to hold a slimy insect that repulses you, hold it.
Pick up other owners' dogshit. (Ok, I just threw that one in to see if you were reading)
When they show initiative, caring, insight and growth, acknowledge and foster it in the knowledge that it, like them, will grow.
And, time, like them ,will wax and wane, but it will always keep going and before we know it all we will have are the memories.