Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fall Pics (very late!)

October passed by as perhaps the longest month in record for me. I have never felt so entirely busy from morning until night (and then many times during the night.) After Rob left from his weekend whirlwind visit I was left to my own devices with squirrely kids, cold and wet weather and spooked pups. (Fireworks) It was a loooooooong month of doing almost nothing but looking after the kids and secretly wanting to strangle Rob for not being there. Thank goodness for field hockey, my mom, my inlaws and some good friends for keeping me sane and somewhat still capable of speaking to adults. Here is a very late selection of pictures.

Mia's first independent go at painting

Lucas and his buddy on a fantastically cold, muddy and fun visit to the pumpkin patch.

Lucas the spider at his preschool.

Mommy realized she should have sewn the arms on using elastic a little too late.

Out for trick or treating. Mia was the only cooperative one for pictures... and barely.

Mia learns that chocolate is good. (Second child - what can I say...)

Mount Pleasant community Centre drop-in play gym. AKA where we go to pick up any virus that happens to be going around. We were sick for weeks after this visit!