Tuesday, July 18, 2006

And More...

It is very hard to take pics of a growing pregnant belly without the photos making one look as if they are simply overweight. Anyhow, here it is. It really is much more obvious in person!

Lucas' favorite day this week was our visit to the firehall. After all of about four minutes of hesitation, he was up and in all the trucks. I think he fell asleep on Sunday night still saying, "wooh-ooh, wooh- ooh!"

Mama and Lucas pose in front of the firetruck.

Still an weensy bit small for the seats, but he kept trying to get it to "GO!" anyways.

Another attempted belly shot.

Lucas scores a potato beater at Sunday night family dinner.

"Look Dada, I can use chopsticks!!!"

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Playtime Pics

This is, from left to right, Gracie, Jasper and Lucas heading out to visit Maplewood Farm. This was honestly the only moment during the day when we could actually get a photo of the three together! By the way, you've got to love a vehicle that fits three cars seats side by side, eh?

Jasper and Gracie feeding bunnies.

Lucas - the bunny tamer.

Here's a quite funny picture of Owen and Lucas at the park. Owen was perhaps a little distressed at the speed at which Lucas was bouncing the car, and Lucas was slightly displeased that Owen spent most of their time at the park sleeping, but in another half year or I'm sure they'll be thick as thieves! Oh yeah, and no, Owen does not have bald spots, he's just really fair in places!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Home Again!

Well, Lucas and I have now been home in Vancouver for several glorious weeks. It has been such a tremendous joy to see friends and family, as well as to see the pleasure Lucas shows in experienceing all these "new" things in Vancouver. After we got over the initial cold weather (tee hee - it has since warmed up) we have been spending our days out and about town. We've had lots of visits to the local pools and parks as well as a couple of special outtrips. It's been so great to catch up with people and hear all about their own adventures during the past year. It has also been really neat to see the kids again, who have all changed from babies to toddlers in what seems like lightening speed!

Lucas and Logan sharing a plate of dinner together; with a lot of concentration.

A visit to Stanley Park and the Aquarium with Uncle Scott. Lucas sat through the whole Beluga whale show if you can believe it!

Lucas has learned to say "cheese" for the camera. Here he is practicing.

I had the pleasure to be able to spend the day with Val and Ian in Whistler to celebrate their wedding. It was a perfect day, and a pretty perfect couple too. Our happiest congratulations go out to them both.

This is my garage sale find of the century! A radio flyer ride-on for $30! What a steal! Lucas has learned to bomb down the little hill in Mom's yard and crash gleefully into the hedge. What a riot.

Here's the little guy at Adam and Ashley's 2nd birthday party. He had a blast running around and (as you can see from the picture) seems to have taken to Ashley quite well!

Lucas, Ashley and Adam.