Monday, March 19, 2007

Spidey baths

I just got out of a spiderman bubble bath. And it wasn't even shared with the kids! They are actually sleeping in their cozy little room, miraculously having fallen asleep at the same time and therefore allowing me the luxury of actually using my bedroom light without waking up the baby! Until first feed for the night, of course, upon which I will wearily end up putting her back in her bassinet so as to allow for faster night time retrieval. Oh what will I do when I have to move her out of there?! I think it will be soon as she is growing so fast that I think either the hair on the top of her head or the skin on her toes is going to rub off one of these days.

Lucas has been enrolled in preschool for September. He'll be going to a Montessori four mornings a week. I'm quite pleased with the school so far and hope that he will love it. He was a bit miffed on our first visit as there weren't any "toys" to be played with, but I think that he will get over it quickly when he sees how much other stuff there is to explore. It was great to see an older boy showing Lucas how to do some work in the classroom. I think that it will be so good for him to have the opportunity to experience an environment with more kids and different adults, although I am sad already at the prospect of leaving him there everyday.

Knowing that I will inevitably return to work in some form in the fall, I am suddenly very conscience of having only this preciously short spring and summer left to be a full-time, stay-at-home mom. Sniff. Poor Mia is going to get the short end of the stick compared to Lucas, but I am so very grateful that Rob was able to help facilitate me having these extra two years to be at home. I am so looking forward to a spring and summer in the garden, parks and pools as well as some camping and visiting. I'm hoping that I might somehow mange to secure a teaching job this spring that will start in the fall so that I can relax knowing that things are ready to go. But alas, I also have faith that things will always work out.

Little buds are appearing here and there in my garden. I feel slightly guilty for harping so vehemently about the lack of gardening skills of my tenants, as I can see now that it was more likely lack of watering. (Sheer negligence really!) I am pruning here and there, asking advice from my trusted old neighbour and gardening guru Bill and generally stumbling my way through figuring out what is in the garden and what to do with it! I have now stolen my mother's gardening in Canada encyclopedia and am making serious dents in both it and our finances as I pick out plants from Home Depot every time we go. Rob never guessed bulbs could cost so much...

Speaking of the big guy, has he ever got seasonal allergies this year! I guess a year without any pollen makes you more susceptible the next. That and serious sleep-deprivation I suppose!

I hope all are well. Ting

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Growing up...

They are growing so very fast ...right before my very eyes. I remember these first few months seeming long with Lucas, but I now realize just how fast these days are really passing. Lucas is potty trained - just like that. Mia is verbalizing so much, trying to roll, awake for longer periods and growing like a weed. Her 3-6 month sleepers are pretty much too short in the length!

Tonight Lucas has gone out with Rob, his Uncle Scott and Grandpa to see a Giants game. Mia and I had a girls night of cuddles, coos, and a warm bath.

Sigh... being a Mom to two such wonderful kids is truly wonderful ( and exhausting!!!)