Friday, May 04, 2012

Hey There...

Remember me?

I used to write this blog.
Like actually, sit down and type words , sentences and paragraphs that I thought were somewhat interesting or important into the field and the publish these thoughts with photos.
Innovation has its limits I suppose!

I recently read  someone's comment that Facebook killed the blog, and I'd have to agree that it may also have influenced my blogging. That, and life, of course!

I'd like to recall why I started this thing, where it took me, and perhaps why it petered out.

The blog was started when we moved to Mexico. I used it as a seriously effective way of showing my community of friends, family and acquaintances what we were up to. It generated a lot of comment and more importantly a real connection to people. It was my life line to my world at home in Vancouver. As it progressed, I realized that it had become a beautiful memoir of our days. Its charm, I feel, lay mostly in the regulatory of postings that allowed me to elaborate of smaller, more elaborate details rather than a general catch-up.

Unfortunately, a summary of the sweet chocolate- chunks of life is what it became over time. I began to see a more restrained practice of relegating the trials and successes of life; marking the milestones of the lives of the kids in particular. To my senses, it began to lose the essence of life that it had once held. I couldn't keep up with all the events. I didn't want to record many of them, and I lost the self-regulated "permission" to post about trivial aspects of life that often absorb my psyche. Bummer. And thus the random Facebook post about kids' quirks or broken dishwashers. Boring.

And now where do I go? Do I archive my words. Store them in a virtual retainer to be recalled with memory?Is this book done? Do I open it again? Re-create it? I really have no idea. truly, I do have ideas, but haven't decided where to go with them.


- take up where I left off
- begin a different blog
- post only photos
- walk away
- start a novel :)
- ???

I know the words won't go away - they never do. I recite them in my head if paper, screen or person won't hear me.

Any suggestions?