Wednesday, February 20, 2008


We have finally gotten over a couple of weeks of being sick. All four of us came down with strep throat and were just wiped out by it. The kids had high fevers for five days before it even occurred to Rob and I that they might be suffering from something other than a common cold. I can't tell you how horrible it was to be sick myself and have to deal with two sick kids. Nobody was very happy! But the antibiotics kicked in pretty fast and we got back to school, work and play this last week. The sunshine of the last few days has also really helped us to start feeling more alive.

Yesterday we did a mad dash to Bellingham to attend the memorial service for Rob's Aunt Linda who passed away last week. Although a sad event, it was lovely to see the extended family. Rob and I were also so pleased to see how well both Lucas and Mia managed a busy day and a large event. I'm sure the candy-studded cookies helped, but they really were a joy to have around to brighten the mood. Lucas was very pleased to visit the United Steak and show us which creeks the crocodiles would live in when it warmed up a little. I was starting to wonder if he was having some sort of weird premonitions about global warming...

Speaking of Lukey-isms, here are a few of our current favorites;

Daddy, when I ride my bike I have to watch out for pop-holes.
Mommy? I think Daddy needs a band-aid for the zip on his face.
Don't worry, I won't eat too much jump food.

He is one entertaining kid these days!

Rob bought me an i-touch for valentine's Day and I went from saying "What in the world do I need an mp3 player for?" to being absolutely obsessed with the thing. Here's a great picture of the boys listening to the new Jack Johnson on it. Lucas had the thing figured out within the day.

Today Rob and I had to loosen the tied on out weeping birch in the backyard. It has grown so much that they've left permanent scars in its bark. We were quite amazed. Just as the garden is showing incredible growth right now, so seem to be the kids. Mia can't seem to eat enough and is growing upwards like a little weed. She is also a showing an amazing aptitude for laughter and speech, to the delight of all.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Picture Day

Do you still have your school group photos from elementary school? I know I do, and have spent many a gleeful moment laughing over them when they emerge from some banged up shoe box in my old closet at my mom's house. In fact I still have the ones from preschool; as I tried to explain to Lucas yesterday while we waited for him to "be ready" to have his photo taken. It didn't help that the guy who came in to do the photos was 3/4's clown and only 1/4 photographer. Many a tear was shed by children who just couldn't handle one more ragged stuffed barney or dora emerging from his bag of tricks. And the broccoli ice cream joke... it got pretty tired after about the third kid. But none was more difficult to photograph than our son, of course. Four adults (well three and a half if you count the photographer) twenty minutes, props, bribes and trickery. I'm curious to see what the results will be! It certainly put an even greater value on the shots our good friend and photographer Jeff has taken. I must admit, however, the comic value in watching our school photographer try to organize seventeen preschoolers to stay forward facing, in place, and with no tears or skirts around their necks for the group photo was worth its weight in gold. (What a weird expression...I'm sure I'm using it wrong!)

Monday, February 04, 2008


January started off with a torrent of work for me. I'm working for the Vancouver School Board as a teacher on call for the adult system, and it seemed that everyone either took long holidays or got really sick. I also was thrilled to get my first temporary contract with the VSB which will start in Febuary. I'm finding the hours just right - enough time to spend with the kids balanced with me time and interesting classes to teach. Except for the fact that I haven't had enough field hockey with the fields being frozen or snow-covered, it's been a great start to 2008.

Oh yeah, and maybe except the fact that I didn't supervise Lucas and a bottle of dish soap well enough... (see above picture... you should have seen the floor)

We had a great weekend with our friends the Ows in Whistler. The weather was beautiful, there was a lot of fresh snow and most importantly, we survived five kids and four adults in the condo.

Now for the hairy update. I was thrilled to realize that Mia's hair is now long enough for ponytails. Rob came home from work last week to find Mia, Lucas and I all sporting the trendy new Herman style. Lucas' mop, of course, got completely tangled and dreadlocked. We'd been talking about a trim for him, so it seemed like the time. Rob took him over to magicuts this last weekend. Now normally this creates a pretty cheap and reasonable haircut sported by most male children this side of town. This time, however, the lady would not be convinced that Lucas was indeed a boy. (Or more likely it was that she didn't understand.) Anyhow, he came home with a haircut most reminicent of Rob's prince valiant bob circa 1995. Do some of you remember? Apparently Lucas has inherited those hair genes that result in weird haircuts. Anyways, I did a complete hack job that night trying to fix it and today (likely the result of two haircuts in two days) Lucas took matters into his own hands. Not too much damage done, but some people's valentine cards may come glued with curly locks. Sweet, I'd think. No pictures until it grows out... oh actually I take that back. This is all in time for photo day at school this week. Of course.

Sleepy heads with colds post Whistler pre haircuts.

Lucas loves doing headstands and makes me feel nostalgic for the days when I would hang out around the house upside down.