Wednesday, February 20, 2008


We have finally gotten over a couple of weeks of being sick. All four of us came down with strep throat and were just wiped out by it. The kids had high fevers for five days before it even occurred to Rob and I that they might be suffering from something other than a common cold. I can't tell you how horrible it was to be sick myself and have to deal with two sick kids. Nobody was very happy! But the antibiotics kicked in pretty fast and we got back to school, work and play this last week. The sunshine of the last few days has also really helped us to start feeling more alive.

Yesterday we did a mad dash to Bellingham to attend the memorial service for Rob's Aunt Linda who passed away last week. Although a sad event, it was lovely to see the extended family. Rob and I were also so pleased to see how well both Lucas and Mia managed a busy day and a large event. I'm sure the candy-studded cookies helped, but they really were a joy to have around to brighten the mood. Lucas was very pleased to visit the United Steak and show us which creeks the crocodiles would live in when it warmed up a little. I was starting to wonder if he was having some sort of weird premonitions about global warming...

Speaking of Lukey-isms, here are a few of our current favorites;

Daddy, when I ride my bike I have to watch out for pop-holes.
Mommy? I think Daddy needs a band-aid for the zip on his face.
Don't worry, I won't eat too much jump food.

He is one entertaining kid these days!

Rob bought me an i-touch for valentine's Day and I went from saying "What in the world do I need an mp3 player for?" to being absolutely obsessed with the thing. Here's a great picture of the boys listening to the new Jack Johnson on it. Lucas had the thing figured out within the day.

Today Rob and I had to loosen the tied on out weeping birch in the backyard. It has grown so much that they've left permanent scars in its bark. We were quite amazed. Just as the garden is showing incredible growth right now, so seem to be the kids. Mia can't seem to eat enough and is growing upwards like a little weed. She is also a showing an amazing aptitude for laughter and speech, to the delight of all.

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