Friday, February 08, 2008

Picture Day

Do you still have your school group photos from elementary school? I know I do, and have spent many a gleeful moment laughing over them when they emerge from some banged up shoe box in my old closet at my mom's house. In fact I still have the ones from preschool; as I tried to explain to Lucas yesterday while we waited for him to "be ready" to have his photo taken. It didn't help that the guy who came in to do the photos was 3/4's clown and only 1/4 photographer. Many a tear was shed by children who just couldn't handle one more ragged stuffed barney or dora emerging from his bag of tricks. And the broccoli ice cream joke... it got pretty tired after about the third kid. But none was more difficult to photograph than our son, of course. Four adults (well three and a half if you count the photographer) twenty minutes, props, bribes and trickery. I'm curious to see what the results will be! It certainly put an even greater value on the shots our good friend and photographer Jeff has taken. I must admit, however, the comic value in watching our school photographer try to organize seventeen preschoolers to stay forward facing, in place, and with no tears or skirts around their necks for the group photo was worth its weight in gold. (What a weird expression...I'm sure I'm using it wrong!)

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