Saturday, September 03, 2005

Happy Anniversary!

We visited a fantastic restaurant last night to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. The place is called Amuleto and is perched high above the bay of Zihuatanejo. You follow a precarious and steep winding road to reach it. At one point you pass a large mass of rocks that appear to have been left in the middle of the road during construction. The road compensates by widening along this part on either side. Quite frightening if you are driving at a good speed in the pitch black! We passed a racoon (maybe) and later what Rob thought was a ferret but I suspect was a cat with the bad fortune of having lost a great portion of its tail fur!

Amuleto appears to be a private residence. You must book ahead and then buzz to be let in by a security guard. They only have four tables and were quite worried when we booked for 8:30 because they already had an eight o'clock reservation! The view was absolutely spectacular and the food was heavenly. I had eggplant with goat cheese to start, prawns with a mango coconut curry for my main, and profiteroles stuffed with vanilla ice cream. Yum. Rob had tuna sashimi, steak and fries, and coconut ice cream. We also drank a bottle of a surprisingly lovely Texan wine. I believe it was called Zaragoza - but Rob might laugh at me when he reads that!

Amuleto also has five rooms perched on the cliff; they are open entirely to the ocean and each have their own private dip pool. They sound quite spectacular, although a bit remote for my taste. I suppose it would be a perfect honeymoon retreat?

It was a fabulous night in all even though the pressure of trying to add the tip to the bill under close scrutiny by the flashlight-bearing waiter was a little too much to handle by both Rob and I. (We ended up tipping more so it would be easier to calculate! A tactic?!) We would highly recommend a visit for dinner to anyone coming down to see us!


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mamafliz said...

What bizarre comments you have received Ting! However, I have dutifully signed up for a blog so I can post comments to you :-)

I love your blog, especially the rare Lucas sitings. Gosh he is getting sooooo big. Can't wait to see y'all in Oct.

beccac said...

/Ting this is my first blog and i love hearing the adventures. Lucas is as cute as ever, and Hailey wold love a tumble with him as she is still her strong and determined self. She started walking a couple weeks ago and is quite pleased with herself! I will keep checking back, sounds like a blast so far!

lori said...

What an interesting way to find you! Actually, Nina lead me to this sight and I have so enjoyed reading about your new adventures. Please post as many Lucas pictures as possible ----he has grown so much. Can't wait to read more and see some pictures of your new beautiful surroundings