Friday, October 09, 2009

September Photo Highlights

Look at me mom - I'm warming up for the Terry Fox run, really, I am!

This was soo cute. There are two kindergarten classes in the photo. They did six laps of the field, and it was hysterical and extremely endearing to watch. Kids run funny. teehee.

Lucas gets personal with a corn snake at the Southlands Country fair. Happy Lucas.

Mia gets personal with Fancy the pony at the Southlands Country Fair. Happy Mia.

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Black Jack's Carol said...

You get the cutest pics! Really? Warming up? Okay, I thought maybe it was a flight maneuver:) Great to see the little ones are learning about Terry Fox.

Love Lucas with the corn snake and Mia looks absolutely thrilled to be on Fancy. Country Fairs are so much fun. I do think that may have been Queenie. The man told us he does several visits to increase awareness about reptile rescue.