Friday, September 25, 2009


I knew it would be busy; I really did. But I didn't imagine that I would be this busy. I am essentially a moving machine and show up to teach every evening with a not-so-glamorous sweat that no one seems to understand. But it's the motion you see, the endless movement that I can't seem to quell as I find my mom-legs. Notice I said mom? I think I'm there. Elementary school is finding a way to redefine me in way I wasn't ready for. All of a sudden I am swamped in fundraising brochures, meetings, book bags, forms, and other countless details that need to be remembered. Heaven forbid I be the mom who forgot the dollar for the Terry Fox Run or didn't show up for Friday Family Reading time. My poor brain is busting from all the details of preschool and kindergarten that I must manage while still having something organized for dinner and making sure the everyone gets to where they need to be that day. Oh yeah, and then I go to work. Mayhem. An absolute shit-show. But somehow, I am doing it. Let me write a list for you;

- preschool (am)
- kindergarten (pm)
- teaching (late pm)
- parent rep for kindergarten
- duty days and art coordinator for preschool
- field hockey
- team rep for field hockey
- swimming classes x2
- birthday parties
- hubby will be departing any day for a two-week wine adventure

Ok , the list isn't that long... and I know... it's my own fault I'm volunteering to help so much, but I want to. So, what to do? Any words of advice or encouragement in the form of a comment would be greatly appreciated. I just keep reminding myself that "this too, will pass" but the reality is that I love these days. Lucas is adjusting to kindergarten well, Mia LOVES preschool, I'm happy playing hockey again, I've got nice students and supportive colleagues, my hubby helps as much as he can and sometimes I go out. It's really all good, just busy.

Photos aren't uploading right now. I'll add some later.


Black Jack's Carol said...

You said it yourself, and it rings true. You are loving these days! It's a full life, and I would say even a balanced one, and though it's flying by in a whir of activity, you are managing to savor the good times, if not always right at the moment, certainly in retrospect. It doesn't get much better than that:)

Tracey said...

Hey Ting,
I just paid to get around the great China firewall and now I can read your blog. Unfortunately I'm too busy trying to remember who has library on what day and which kid has swimming to actually read much! I had to print up list and put it by the door! "What am I forgetting today?" Miss you! Trace