Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

I have so very many things to be thankful for and this weekend was a joyous reminder of why life is good. This was because I really enjoyed my weekend. From start to finish I was enjoying the activities we had chosen and the people I was doing them with. What more can I have asked for?

Late Saturday Rob came home from his wine-making trip in Naramata to spend a little time with us for the weekend. With much jumpiness to their anticipation, I knew we had to get out on Saturday morning, so we opted to take the new Canada line to Richmond Centre. Lucas picked out some much needed new clothes - which I found funny since he has only very recently become even remotely interested in what he is wearing. Mia got her new ballet shoes and leotard to start dance class this week. Then we ate sushi and sky-trained it back. All good. Not long after arriving home and taking Pillo out for a bit of air and exercise, we headed to the mall to watch "Cloudy with Meatballs." I was very dubious about taking two kids to a full-length film and was anticipating much wiggling, talking, and numerous potty-breaks. But they were great! The film, not so much, but the kids loved it. I actually kind of relaxed. I couldn't even fold laundry like I normally do if we watch a movie at home!

Sunday was family thanksgiving lunch, which I planned to photo document, but couldn't because of the overwhelming desire to EAT everything in front of me. Yum. That's all I can say.

Then today we got our butts in gear and went to what I think is Vancouver's #1 top place to eat turkey sandwiches; Dog Mountain on Seymour. Rob was dubious about the hiking capabilities of the kids, but they were heroes.

It was icy and cold, but Lucas loved poking the ice and the cold only seemed to bother Rob and I! (Oh and Pillo was a bit miffed when he went for a lick of the lake!)

Lucas and I searched for faerie rings for quite a while under these mushrooms. Later when I told Rob that he and Mia had missed them, he informed me that we didn't see any faeries because we should have been looking for smurfs. I loved that Lucas gave him "the look" as if to say, "Daddy, you're a dumb - ass, there's no such thing as smurfs." Teehee.

If you regularly read this blog or know my son, then I have no need to tell you that Lucas, my nature lover, was enthralled with the fact that these whiskeyjacks (?) were happy to eat out of his hands. He admitted when we were snuggling in bed that he hadn't really believed me when I told him they would.
Mountain goats. The two of them. Yay.

(I only heard, "I hate dog mountain and I don't love hiking," a few times at the veeeery end of the hike! )


Black Jack's Carol said...

I loved reading about your weekend, Cristina. The pictures are so full of fun and discovery. The one of the whiskeyjack on Lucas' hand is priceless and also the one of Mia on the bridge with Rob. It occurs to me that we should do an adventure/hike/walk together one day - Bill, Black Jack, maybe our friends Jock and Kitty with their dog Lucy, and you and family.

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