Saturday, February 14, 2009

Palm Desert/Disneyland

I should be marking right now; it's really great incentive for blogging...

We needed a bit of sun and family time after the hectic holidays, so we popped down to the states for a quick visit to the club in Palm Desert and Pooh Bear. It was our first time visiting the Intrawest down there, and we were very impressed. The rooms and grounds were gorgeous and immaculately kept. The staff was great, as usual, and the club's amenities lived up to our expectations. The kids pool, for me, was a huge seller. It was shaded and only a couple of feet at its deepest. Mia spent a long day luxuriating in her own private pool while Lucas played in the big family pool. I think there are a total of five pools on the property and more than double that number in hot tubs and barbecues!

Our patio looking over the golf course. The ducks came to visit each morning to see if they could get any crumbs. (And boy did they ever at our place!)

Apparently I liked this picture a lot... the coffee sure was good!

Angels... caught in time for ever... hahahahahahaha...

Teddy REALLY soaked up the sun. He was starting to feel a little grizzly this winter, but some down time on the patio and a round of golf while we were out at the living desert really did wonders for his demeanour. I did worry a bit about his evening consumption, but hey, I figure that every bear needs a little time off from his work, right?

Pool party girl. I don't think she took those glasses off for two days straight.
Mia's trip highlights are, in no particular order, swimming in the "hot pool" under the stars at night and the kids pool by day, falling asleep in Mommy's arms in the bath tub, dancing to the live band at "Las Casuelas Terraza" in downtown Palm Springs, getting hundreds of kisses from Snoopy at Knottsberry Farm, and OMGoodness... meeting Pooh Bear and Tigger in person at Disneyland.

My little man.
Lucas' highlights were all the Daddy time playing foosball, swimming and wrestling, the miniature train exhibit at The Living Desert, the giant bag of hot kettle corn, swimming under the stars in the hot pools, the Sidewinder at Knottsberry farm, and OMGoodness ... Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland.

I personally choose to forget the travelling aspect of the trip and focus on the warmth of the sun, the hugs and the laughter.

Do you remember the Teacups?!

All in all, a great trip. It was far too short, but it did a lot of good for our souls.
Happy Valentine's Day!


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Black Jack's Carol said...

What a fun holiday - you all look so happy. Great shots of the kids. Hope the marking is done. Reports here are due Monday, and I just did my longest blog ever. Something about deadlines that brings out the blogger in us, I guess:)