Monday, January 26, 2009


"Mommy, what are boobies?"

"They are breasts Lucas."

-long pause-

"Daddy? What are boobies?"

"They are breasts. You know, like what women have." (This is accompanied by wild thumping of the chest like an orangutan.)

"Oh. Yeah."


"They're booby-traps, right?"

"Yes Lucas. And you have to be very careful because once you get caught by a booby-trap then you'll end up married with two kids."

"Ok Daddy."


Black Jack's Carol said...

Hilarious. Just hilarious! Thanks for the great laugh!

ericandles said...

(Plus, seriously...if only it were so easy)
I love how he sought a second opinion.

mamafliz said...

Oh, that cracked me up :-)