Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Baby is Two?

Dear Mia - you're two?
Where did these last two years go?
They whirled past in clouds of hope, love and joy.
You've only just begun to show us what you are
A loving, gentle soul with the wit of an owl
The roar of a lion, the impishness of a monkey,
the loyalty of a treasured dog,
the words of an admired parrot.
You entered our world quielty and calmly
And as you grow you teach us to be more
More kind, more forgiving, more loving.
How many kisses do I need before I sleep?
How many hugs do I get when I wake up?
You sense my holes and fill my need.
Always forgiving, always there.
Happy Birthday Hija.
Te amo.


ericandles said...

Man, did you have to write a poem for Mia's birthday? Make the rest of us look bad? Lucas's 2nd birthday is on Thursday and he'll be lucky to get a blog post, let alone a custom poem...

Black Jack's Carol said...

Looks like that was really a fun party. Happy Birthday, Mia! I can imagine how much fun you'll have reading this blog some day.