Sunday, November 02, 2008


Halloween was busy, of course. We had an extended sleep over at Aba's house and lots of costume changes.
Lucas made a ghouly vampire and Mia a busy little lady bug. There wasn't a lot of posing to be had.
Mia's first "cognizant" Halloween was pretty funny. Her cousin Logan taught her to sing the "smell my feet" chant, of which she really only took to the feet-smelling part. Little independent Mia walked, candy bag in firm tow, singing "smell my feet, smell my feet" for three blocks. She refused to close that candy bag when a treat was deposited but instead remained stalwart with big pleading eyes while her brother and cousin raced off. This often resulted in an extra treat, but mostly in me pleading from the bottom of the stairs for her to say thank you and come with mommy now. Near the end of the excursion she plopped her sweaty little monkey self down in the wet leaves and sang smell my feet, smell my feet. It brought tears to my eyes. That and the amount of candy those two have eaten the last three days, but those were different tears.

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