Saturday, February 03, 2007

Miracles Happen...

What a great half hour I've had! Lucas is playing playdough quietly at his new kid-sized table, Mia is sleeping in her bassinett, a total stranger has agreed to burn me a copy of this season's first six episodes of LOST, and I am using the computer. Wow. To top it off, the house is spanking clean. I love it! Anyways, just thought I'd share my elation while I could, as well as to post this picture of Lucas on ice skates for the second time in his life. Too funny.

Have a great weekend everyone! Ting


milla said...

hola doña:
es bueno saber que ya tienes un poquito de mas tiempo para ti.
te extraño mucho.
he tratato de llamarte pero suena busy todo el tiempo..

Ximena Davila said...

Hey Cristina! I love this picture, Lucas looks so cute! Kinda like me when I try to iceskate, lol!

I the full seasons of lost if you want then I can burn them in cd and mail them to you ;)

Many kisses, I hope everything is great in Vancouver!