Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I sniff spring coming

How lovely that the crocuses are poking their brave little heads up. Although it's still way too cold out, we have been enjoying getting outdoors a little more to play in the parks and work in our garden. We have great hope that some of our plants and flowers will revive themselves after the brutalities of our tenants past. Rob has begun his comical feeding of the finches as he seeds and reseeds the grass almost daily. You can almost see the smirk of those birdies' beaks as he heads out to feed their and his obsession.

My quest for preschool has not been solved as I find myself in quite a dilemma between choosing a reasonably priced play-based program that offers little more than what he already has at home, and a unreasonably-priced Montessori program that offers an excellent program but will deny us the choice of doing other activities in the fall. I suspect that we are leaning towards play-based and will supplement learning at home. Any feedback or opinions from my much wiser and more experienced peers would be appreciated!

I have just finished reading "La Prisonniere" by Malika Oufkir and Michle Fitoussi. It was quite an interesting read. Based on her real-life experiences, Oufkir describes her early upbringing by the King of Morocco, her father's assassination and then her and her family's horrific imprisonment for nearly twenty years. I am always sucked in by true stories that illuminate the injustices of human rights, and this book was no exception.

A photo for you of Lucas learning to ride his bike. All fun and no tears so far... we'll keep our fingers crossed.

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