Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Well, the New Year has begun just as fast-paced as the last ended. We are reminded every day of how fast time passes as Mia has just passed her two-month milestone and we are in the thick of choosing a preschool for Lucas for September. (Or getting on waiting lists as the case would be.) Rob is burning the candle at both ends working his two very busy jobs. He just returned from a hectic work week at the club in Mexico only to begin working doubles again. In his "free" time he struggles to get too much done, enjoy the family, and get somemuch needed sleep. You can imagine where that leaves me as I manage the two kids, two dogs and house independently much of the time. Happily, I have learned that I can do it and things get easier every day. Mia is starting to sleep more independently which allows me a bit more time for Lucas. He has started skating lessons which have been a blast, and as the weather gets better we are enjoying more time out at the local parks. Ahhhhh... so we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel as life is starting to work a little more rhythmically again. As long as we don't contract any more nasty colds and flus we should all be home free!

Lucas loves to tuck into bed with Mia. He really would like nothing better than for me to leave her there with him but I fear she'll be squashed as well as for his eardrums. Mia has the Higgins' family pipes on her when she wails; it makes one believe in survival of the fittest -and she's got it dialed!

"I can sit up, really I can!"

(6 weeks old)

Abuela lets Lucas go to town with paint.

Mia at eight weeks.

My two beautiful and precious children.

I am so very blessed, as I believe we all are, to have people in my life to love and to love me in return. I have been thinking so much about enjoying and accepting what we have; trying every day to be thankful for our blessings. This is because this last week has been a very sad one. One of my best friends' sister has just passed away at the the young age of 34 from breast cancer. She leaves behind her husband, two young children and many family and friends. My prayers go out to all of them.

The injustice of it all has me reeling in frustration and grief. Cancer has claimed too many people that I knew and I wish I could do more to eradicate this plague from our lives. On that note I leave you with this statistic:

On average 429 Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer every week. On average, 102 women will die of it every week. (

Please do a breast self examination today. Prevention is key. If you have never done one, I have posted a link to a pamphlet explaining how.

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