Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas with two?!

What a whirlwind! Christmas was chaotic and wonderful all at once this year; a change for me as I have really not enjoyed Christmas since Dad passed away (13?) years ago. The season (to me) is full of commercialism, want, greed and unrealistic, not to mention unfufilled, expectations. I have really struggled to make peace with such a frenzied "holiday." I think last year, spent extremely quietly in Mexico, was the closest I have ever come and really gave me a chance to see how much the experience is actually up to the individual.
Therefore with the added stress of a newborn and new job, we tried hard to simplify our celebrations this year. Guess what? Much better! That, coupled with seeing the season through the eyes of a two-year old, made things much easier on me. My favorite Christmas moment this year was a late-night, cold walk with Lucas bundled up the in the stroller and Mia snuggled under my jacket. Lucas, the dogs and I needed to get out of the house and went to look at the Christmas lights. Although few and far between in our neighbourhood, it was such a joy to see the excitement on Lucas' face as we stopped at the "good ones" and took it all in. I actually found a very tiny part of me wishing we had purchased a mecahnical lit-up reindeer for our yard! Hahaha! Anyways, I met a lovely older woman out walking her dog in the neighborhood and we chatted for a few moments. As I left her, she said to me, "You look so happy...and healthy." And you know, I was. It was all I really needed at that moment. Quiet, fresh air, and the company of my kids. I think it kind of embodies where I am in my life right now. Lacking for nothing. I am so very blessed to have two healthy, beautiful children, a husband who is my best friend, and family that support me. It's all I really want right now, knowing that some of the things I may need for myself will come later and in their right time.
So Happy Holidays to you all. I hope that each of you found your own perfect moments filled with serenity and joy. Here are a few pictures from our celebrations.

Lucas and Gracie enjoy chocolate fondue on Christmas Eve.

Are there any scraps for us in there? See how good we are?

Opening gifts in pj's - the attire we should all spend Christmas morning in!

My kids. (Yes - all three of them!)

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