Sunday, December 03, 2006

Two Cuties

Sorry, for the life of me I can't figure out why this picture won't straighten!
Anyways, here we are, learning how to function as a family of four and two pooches. Lucas is swinging madly between sweet as candy and hellion - not abnormal for this family mind you! Today him and Rob are off to a kids' Christmas party at the Cannery with Scott. I'm a little worried about just how much sugar will be ingested and what sort of night I'm in for with Rob at work.

A little more about the labour for those of you dying to know;

I went into labour on Tuesday evening, just two days away from our due date. I actually went shopping that afternoon feeling pretty crampy, but waited until about eight to tell Rob that I thought I was in labour and until ten to call Mom and tell her that it was "the" night. By eleven I had no doubt in my mind and called Mom to tell herthat Rob was on his way to pick her up. While they were gone I called the hospital to let them know. They pretty much told me that I should get my butt in, so Rob picked me up as he delivered Mom.

I was thrilled to be taken to Cedar (actually Holly, which is newer) which, as you Moms who also delivered at Womens' know, is the deluxe section of the hospital where one labours, delivers and recovers all in one place. The room was gorgeous; a huge tub, shower, table, nursing chair, tv and phone, and a bed that Rob could sleep on. Much later in the evening when I was feeling relaxed from an epidural, I looked up and asked what that odd looking thing was on the ceiling. I was thinking poor decorating, Rob thought perhaps a viewing window for filming (hahahaha...) when the nurse casually replied, "Oh, that's a skylight!"

Nitty gritty details aside, I ended up having back labour where the baby's spine is against yours, and things slowed down as I found myself needing pain relief. I had been very hesitant to go there if I could avoid it, but in the long run it was absolutely the right decision as I was able to relax a little, Rob had a nap and little Mia was able to take her time turning and coming out like a champ. We had a very quick delivery with only a little scare as her cord was wrapped around her neck, but the staff was wonderful; reassuring, professional, calm and careful. I was delivered by a midwife in training as she was watched carefully by the attending gp.

All in all a very different and very wonderful birthing experience for us all. By noon Lucas was at the hospital visiting and kissing Mia all over. I had a quiet, albeit slightly lonely, night in the deluxe suite and was home by noon Thursday.

Thank you for all the warm wishes emails. We look forward to introducing each of you to our newest family member soon. Ting.

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