Sunday, November 06, 2005

Just about perfect

There are times when life here just seems...well good. Of course Rob works too much, Lucas screams too much, I bitch too much, and the dogs bark too much, but hey, that's life. Then there are days when everything is right. Like this past Sunday, for instance. Rob's day-off started with me opening my eyes and saying, "Lucas slept through the night!!!" Yippee! After breakfast it was off to get the car washed, inside and out, for the hefty sum of four dollars. While we waited, we poked about the market for goodies. Among other purchases was a gigantic bundle of fresh basil for cents and the steal of the century; a kilo and a half of freshly caught tuna for about 160 pesos. That's about $16 to the rest of you. Look at the size of the steaks we had for dinner! (And there is plenty in the fridge for sushi.) Mmmm. Apparently we were lucky because they hadn't seen tuna for almost a month before Sunday.

After Lucas' nap, it was off to explore Troncones for the afternoon. He drove. Ok, not all the way, just down a stretch of the dirt road after a quick little milk break. Look at the concentration on his face!

Tuna is heaven to some, a quick spin at the driving wheel heaven to others. My slice came when we ventured onto a vacant beach-front lot on Manzanillo Bay. The sand was tiny rocks mixed with shells, the waves were dulled by the rock formations just off-shore, the water was barely warm, my baby was super happy. And so we will plug away at work and chores with the anticipation of next weekend's adventures not far from our minds.

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