Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Blue Mamou

The bay of Zihuatanejo at dusk

So last Friday I found myself in a bar, smack in the middle of an arthritis medication commercial. Or maybe a retirement home ad, I'm not sure. There was even someone taking promotional photos, oh my. I have never, ever, seen so many running shoes in a bar; even in Vancouver. (Or socks pulled up to knees paired with khaki shorts for that matter.) But regardless of the arthritis cure being offered; be it medication, alcohol or heat, the joy was evident and it was fantastic. I found myself having a blast.

Ok, you got me, I wasn't really in a commercial, it just felt like it. Mom and I had gone to the season opening of The Blue Mamou bar here in town. It's a blues bar owned and run by an American couple named Judy and Jimmy Mamou. When we arrived, I just couldn't believe how many people were there. It was standing room only, the bartenders couldn't keep up, people were dancing up a hurricane and I think almost everyone except for myself was over fifty. Mom and I had a stupendous time chatting with people and dancing the night away. I was left with a resounding impression that life would only get better as well as an incredible respect for these people who had chosen to get out and boogie. The crowd was a mix of tourists and local gringo residents but the crowning glory was Jimmy Mamou himself absolutely ROCKING the bar on his guitar while dancing and singing. An extremely muscular, black man, Jimmy was dressed in his skin-tight white pants, white vest, and white Mexican sombrero. He looked and sounded fabulous and I was astounded to learn that he was the young age of 76!

Anyways, Mom and I had a great night and had to drag ourselves away after midnight because we had promised Rob, who was home with a cold, that we would only be a couple of hours. But...we'll be back...and I won't be wearing my heels next time!

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traceybean said...

Love this photo, keep it up and we'll be visiting!