Saturday, November 19, 2005

Birthdays and Playdough

Happy Birthday to Mom! Yesterday Mom celebrated her 6$, I mean 6#...I mean...geez...the keyboard must be stuck. Anyways, she celebrated her birthday here with us, and we kept her on her toes all day. Lucas woke his Abuelita up with a wrapped box of chocolates that he had been gumming all morning while waiting for Mommy to say it was ok to go on in. Then he gave Abuelita the gift of birthday tears when Mommy said he couldn't eat any of the chocolate. Sigh...bad mommy. After quick preparations, the whole family, including canines, were off walking into town to have some breakfast. We found a lovely cafe by the fish market (no that's not an oxymoron) where Pillo could chase the cats, Chola could sit under the table, Lucas could run around the basketball court, and we could sip coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice. After breakfast drill-sergeant Ting marched us all home, put Lucas in bed for a nap, and Mom and I were off for a visit to the spa. We had side-by side facials, Mom had a pedicure and I had my eyebrows shaped. You should have heard me trying to explain the concept of threading to the girl who tamed those caterpillars. It was especially difficult because I couldn't think of the word for thread...but pretty good of me to try, right? I think she got a little worried when I started picking at the hem of her uniform, but eventually she got the idea and said she had heard of the technique! Relaxed, we drove our shiny and clean faces home to hang with Lucas for the day. Rob had to run off to work after he was relieved of babysitting duties, so after Lucas was down for the night, we snuck out across the road for dinner at Casa Bahia. (Don't worry, we didn't just take the monitor, we actually hired a sitter.) Mom and I shared some very tasty jumbo prawns in garlic and a Dorado steak with soy and wasabi. After dinner we played a game of scrabble on the patio, began to get jumpy about having left Lucas (we were only gone an hour and a half) and returned home for a glass of wine and another game of scrabble. It was perhaps one of the quieter birthdays we've shared, but really nice nonetheless. Many happy returns Mom!

Whose bright idea was it to make playdough, anyways? Here is a photo of Lucas showing off his self-inflicted battle wounds from the bowl of flour. Apparently he grew tired of smushing the dough, eating the dough, and feeding it to the dogs, so he went to play with the flour instead. I love the look on his face that just screams runway model. America's Next Top Model, here we come - Tyra's not going to know what hit her!

Who are you looking at?


traceybean said...

Feliz Compleanos! Is that right? I know I'm missing the thingy over the n, but I really should have better skills than this! Happy Birthday Gladys!

lori said...

Happy Birthday GLADYS!!!!!!!!!!
Brad and I wish you health, happiness and many blessings. I heard you are coming back for a visit and we hope to see you.
I love the headshots of Lucas! Hope all is well.
God bless and many smooches,
Lori and Brad

mamafliz said...

Way to work it Lukey-duke :-) What a cutie!

Todd Wong said...

Happy Birthday Auntie Gladys

Wishing you the best 6#?%@!th birthday ever!

Hope you are having a good visit with Deb and Pat

Please send them home happy!

In the meantime...
I seem to have misplaced my girlfriend somewhere. I have looked under the couch cushions, in the closet, and the balcony - all the usualy places - but she's nowhere to be seen.

I think she lost my phone number and e-mail address.

Peace & Blessings, Todd