Monday, December 21, 2009

The Week Before Christmas

Are you watching me Santa? Aren't I being good? Will you still come? Will you? mark this down in your book please, not earlier today when I hit her, ok?

Alright, so the above picture was taken while waiting in line to see Santa, so I'm sure there was some extra incentive for adorable behavior.

Here's Mia just before her performance for her ballet class. I'm pretty pleased with how her $3.00 tutu turned out!

Mia also had a preschool party. This is her and a friend watching the (slightly inappropriate) belly-dancing performance. Lucas took so many pictures that my battery ran out. I think he liked to silver sequined bikini she was wearing... lol.

Lucas performed in the school's Christmas concert. I was amazed the kids' retention o f lyrics. He definitively does not inherit that for me, as Rib can certainly attest to!

This will be a low-key Christmas, and I'm so glad for that in many ways. We have not been frenetically shopping, and I feel relieved that everyone understands., It's really quite liberating. Today I slept in, played Lego and modelling clay for almost three hours (in our pajamas), ate pbj sandwiches and went to see "The Princess and the Frog". Delightful. I'm looking forward to quite a few more days like today over the holiday. If only my residual marking could take care of itself!

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