Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve Eve

Today the kids opened up some gifts that were not for them. Mia was most disgusted to find a pair of socks, and Lucas cleverly tried to tape up the gift he opened. The unexpected outcome of this was that the kids *I think* finally got the fact that Christmas may have just a wee but more to do about giving than receiving. They spent the next part of the morning collecting unwanted toys, wrapping them up for each other and placing them under the tree with glee. I actually think they will be quite happy to open them.

Our activity for the day was swimming at Watermania in Richmond, where we witnessed a drowning and resuscitation. We were rather upset until we witnessed another and realized that they must have been simulated. I wasn't pleased. For heaven's sake, the place was crawling with kids out on the holiday break! Truth be told, I think I was more concerned than the kids. Lucas was more miffed that he had to get out of the pool where he had his eyes on a large boat to have a ride in. I suppose there was some sort of training going on, but it was a bit disheartening. Nonetheless, we had a blast in the waves and hot pools. Unfortunately the ride home, amidst yelling and screaming at each other, the fighting while I made dinner, the uneaten dinner and the wallops received during bath had me at my wits end by bedtime.

The elves have been busy bringing treats to the kids' advent calendars each morning and today was no exception. The exception has come, when at this late day of advent, the advent calendars hold notes for the elves. You see... as the kids were a little naughty today Mummy had to make a very unfortunate call to the North Pole to leave a message for Santa; as is, of course, a mother's duty. The elves took down the message with due sobriety and the children were most concerned. Thus the notes. Lucas' reads "Lucas Forgive Please" and Mia's is a drawing of Santa and a transcribed apology of sorts. We'll have to see what happens tomorrow?

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