Sunday, May 18, 2008

Oh my...

I can't believe that I haven't blogged since March 28th.

It's super easy to go a few weeks without writing, seeing as the kids keep me so busy - but this is ridiculous! My excuses (as I feel excuses are needed!) are twofold:

1. My camera has broken, and somehow it doesn't seem as much fun to post without photos
2. I have been teaching night classes, leaving me very little time on the computer to do much more than quickly scan my emails and maybe pound out a quick reply

So now, with a month and a half to catch up on, I haven't the slightest clue as to what to say. I'm sure a lot has passed - here's what I recollect; in a shortened form:

Lots of work:
I began two new contracts: Communications 12 Mon - Thurs nights and Grammar and Writing 3 Saturdays. This has been great - I've had a lot more time with the kids, but it has taken a toll on my body as I'm on the go from 7 am until 11 at night. I've also signed a contract to teach English 11 for a six week summer school class. To my great surprise, I had my years teaching at Bodwell counted a by VSB and my pay scale adjusted accordingly. I was very pleased - to say the least.

I'm taking a fitness bootcamp. I'm sore.

I turned old and Rob turned slightly older. Both these events were uneventful. It's all about the kids now. Today we celebrated my nephew's birthday in grand scale. I made a checkers-themed cake that I was rather proud of - alas no photos though.

Mother's day:
Lucas made me strawberry jam and some gorgeous art at school and I got a massage at the spa in the Whistler Fairmont. All good.

Time off:
We had booked a week in Whistler before I signed these latest contracts. We couldn't use it all so we ended up with a pretty crazy trip that saw Rob drive the highway four times in three days, Mom take the Greyhound, Rob's parents use the room for two nights, and a whole lot of drizzle. Ah well. Mom and I also had a wild day away shopping a few weeks ago. We hit the Seattle Premium Outlet mall for a few hours that turned into many hours and came home with a car stuffed with stuff. Good fun.

What can I say. With the weird weather we've had, my garden has had a hard time catching up. I had several fatalities with the surprise snow, and one Gerber sat upon by a miscalculated bottom. My clematis, rhododendrons and jasmine are finally blooming this week and all is resplendent.

Gosh I love those little monsters. Mia is saying new words every day. So is Lucas - who has now decided that he would like to be a doctor when he grows up. Or something to do with bugs. Probably the latter, but he says he doesn't need any schooling with the latter because he has so much experience. I might have to agree actually. School, gymnastics, swimming, biking, digging - all is well.

I will not let this happen again... for a while... and I will post some photos as soon as I get a new camera and find something to take pictures of.

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