Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Great Day...

...and pictures to prove it! (At least the end of it!)

We had a wonderful weekend enjoying some sunshine. Saturday afternoon was spent at our local South Hill festival; eating cotton-candy, bouncing in an inflatable pirate ship, panning for gold, exploring a fire truck and deciding not to wait in the pony-ride line-up. The four of us had a lovely bbq of wee lambykin chops, grilled asparagus and new potatoes accompanied by a lovely bottle of Malbec. Cheap and cheerful... and enough for Rob and I to both fall asleep blissfully with the kids at eight!

We spent today at Spanish Banks dog beach picnicking and and playing in the low tide. Everyone came home sandy, sticky and happy - but none more than I because we made a quick detour for me to pick up a little treat - a new camera! Yay!!! After much thought, I decided that I would foray back into the SLR world, and picked up an entry level digital Nikon that will hopefully do a heck of a lot better than the last few compact cameras we've had.

Here are a couple of my first few photos. Remember; dirty kids = happy kids!

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