Friday, December 28, 2007

Feliz Navidad

Our Christmas was opulent and excessive, making me feel horrible about the inequality of humanity, but it was great. The kids had a blast, and everything was relatively calm and smooth. The only frustration was when the bottle of port ran dry last night when Rob and I were having movie night.

Mom came and spent Christmas Eve and Christmas here. She delighted in being awoken by Lucas at 6:30 in the morning but couldn't convince him to stay in bed any longer. He was sure that he had heard reindeer bells during the night, so was not in the least surprised to see the presents under the tree. He was, however, extremely excited to open them. The hour wait until his grandparents and uncle got here was almost unbearable.

Even though I've only been working a few days a week, it was nice to get some time off to hang out about the house and try to complete the puzzle of how to fit all the new toys into such a small space! We've also had the pleasure of spending some time with friends and their kids.

Pretty dresses supplied by Abuela had plenty of opportunities to be worn.

Lucas and I had an awesome day of skiing on Seymour. It was his first time on skis, and he did a commendable job. He was able a to walk independently on flats but got a little (!) wobbly on any hills. We managed to do four runs; two on the tow rope and two on the chairlift. I have to admit that I now understand why I hated the tow rope when I was a kid. My body still hurts from basically carrying Lucas up the tow while trying to stay on it myself. The last thing I wanted was to fall, put skis back on and try and get up it again! The lift was much better although Lucas' ski bindings were set so low that I was freaking out when he started swinging his legs!

The day brought back so many memories of skiing with my dad when I was little. I just love that I can share this with my kids now. Amazing how life comes full circles sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

Wow... so many christmass presents!!!
Lucas and Mia look really cute and big now!!!
its good to hear you had a great Christmass time,
and i wish you a very very (belate i know) happy new year... full of love, joy, and energy....
love you lots