Friday, December 07, 2007

Baby is one!

I can't believe that a year has passed since we had Mia, but even more unbelievable is how much she has changed in that year. Even though we saw how fast Lucas grew, I am still amazed at how much humans develop in their first few years of life. From a tiny nursling baby that was so completely dependant on others, Mia has changed into a toddler with abilities that felt so far away not long ago.

She has been solidly walking for about a month now. On Wednesday we were out at the park after all that rain passed and she was out ambling through the puddles in her muddy buddy and rain boots, carrying the dog's chuck-it. It feels too soon. I already miss the crawling. It's funny how with Lucas I couldn't wait for each milestone to be reached; first smile, sitting up, crawling, grasping, eating solids, pulling to a stand, cruising, walking, speaking, weaning etc. But with Mia, and the knowledge that we are unlikely to have another, I mourn each stage as it passes, willing myself to hold onto the memory of her kicking feet as she nurses with pleasure, the sound of a well diapered bottom hitting the ground in an attempt to stand, the discovery of the first threads of successful communication (where's your nose - that's right! There it is!) the kisses sprinkled generously on family, dogs and dollies.

Mia is turning into an amazing little girl with a wickedly wonderful (or wonderfully wicked) personality. She babbles and laughs all day. She delights in pestering Lucas and knows just how to get his knickers in a knot, then imitates his exclamations of protest. She eats like it's her last meal, dances on a whim, and smiles with little encouragement. I am delighted to see that she has a gap between her two front teeth - to some it may only stand as reminder of orthodontic bills to come, but to me it brings a sense of guilty possession and pride that she is both mine and just like me. (Those of you who have known me for a very long time will perhaps remember my own gapped smile that so characterised me as a child.)

So with this I say goodbye to my baby girl and hello to my child. I can't wait to walk beside you as you explore this world, yourself and the possibilities that are there for you. Happy Birthday Mia. I love you. Mommy

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