Friday, August 17, 2007

What's happening around here...

Lucas is now drawing cars, buses and trains. We think they are fabulous!
So we now have a new computer in the form of a new hard drive. Finally. Although I am pleased that we can finally rely on a computer once again, I was a bit flabbergasted at the way it happened. Over the last few months I have logged probably close to twenty hours on the phone trying to get this thing fixed; to no avail. Then Rob got uber annoyed, and since I was on holiday, took over the phoning duty for the week. One phone call, and just like that Dell is sending us a new computer. Timing? I'd like to think so.

We have been really enjoying Rob's evening shifts by getting the most out of our days, but alas it is coming to an end in just a few short weeks. This is all for the good however, since Rob has just given notice at Cincin after signing a contract to work as the Loden Hotel's Restaurant Manager. This is a fantastic new position for Rob as he will have the opportunity to help this Kor group hotel open their food and beverage program from ground up. Buying a cellar of wine you say... a dream job. Very exciting.
I am still wavering about work for September. None of my master plans have panned out for me yet, although I have a had a couple of offers. I'm pretty torn about the prospect of leaving the kids to work. There are days I would absolutely love to get out and at it again, but my heart is here right now, I must admit. And with two clever and loving children I think that makes sense, don't you?!

When the SHAW guy came to rewire our cable, he found Lucas and I wearing our new space man hats. Hopefully they didn't interfere with the reception...

We decided to change Lucas' preschool for September after getting a position in a parent participation preschool. We are pretty darn excited about being able to be part of this new stage in Lucas' life by spending days in the classroom and taking on tasks. Mia and I are also looking forward to a little peace and quiet..hahaha...
In reality, Mia is becoming the furthest thing from quiet and Rob and I are beginning to question what wild genes we are passing down. Mia has mastered the art of singing, babbling, and best of all the tell tale shriek that means "Mommy, Daddy Lucas is (fill in the blank)" She loves nothing better than wrestling with Lucas (really) and teasing him endlessly by stealing whatever he is playing with. She happily digs in the dirt, and has eaten way too much sand at the park. We have given up on baby toys entirely. She has taken after Lucas in skilled crawling and loves climbing into the fridge if she catches it open. I have caught her at the top of our Ikea kitchen stool, up flights of stairs in the laundry room and on top of slumbering dogs. She is communicating clearly her need for arms, sleep and food. And boy, can she put that back. She out-eats Lucas 4 out of five meals. No joke.

Lucas is the fastest things on wheels these days, and we have been amazed at his bike riding skills. These pictures are from a sunny Saturday in the UBC endowment lands. That kid rode (with a little pushing) for two hours! We were all pooped at the end!

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