Thursday, July 19, 2007


Time is absolutely speeding past me. Even though I know that I haven't been on here in a while, I somehow can't imagine how it always happens. I suppose what has helped the most is that our stinking computer has now been in a coma-like state with small remissions for almost two months. I have spent more hours than I care to think about on calls to Dell's customer support line getting things "fixed." Yet nothing changes. I have now reinstalled everything there is to un and re install on the computer several times over. I believe I may be earning frequent flyer miles in my calls that get routed through to Delhi. Yesterday found me in near tears at the local Fraser street cyber-cafe while I downloaded drivers for my computer while speaking to Dell in India on my cell phone, underneath a large sign which read "no calls inside" all the while being glared at by the owner of the cafe. I think in hindsight I would have been better off handing the phone over to him followed by my Visa, because I could not, perhaps out of sheer frustration, understand what the lady was saying on the phone. Ergh. I think they have my account marked as difiicult customer now because I had a call back late last night to see if I was ok. Not my computer... me. I somehow hope that something was simply lost in translation!

Therefore I am seriously sleep and internet deprived. Mia and Lucas' sleep patterns have been thrown, I'm guessing by the weather change as well as Mia's new teeth and skills, and my kids now do not go to sleep for me. At least not early or easily enough. I have found myself in the very difficult position of two light sleepers, one bedroom and severe mommy-itis on a nightly basis. I switch between holding Mia while Lucas cries in his bed to holding Lucas while Mia cries until one child eventually falls asleep. I fear I am spinning out of my normal orderly control, but have decided to see how things play out over the summer and all its disruptions and then start settling back into something of a routine when Lucas starts preschool in September. I think I can hear a few parents laughing at me under their breath even as I write... I knew I was biting myself in the butt all those times I spoke proudly of how I always got both the kids down by seven...

Speaking of making mistakes, we had Lucas shouting "Oh FUCK" gleefully about twenty times this afternoon as Rob and I tried our damndest to stop laughing. Unsuccesfully I might add. Rob now realizes that two-year-olds have very good hearing and reproduction of phrases muttered under one's breath. Poor Rob, it's been a shocking parenting week for him. Yesterday when I left the table at a restaurant for the washroom, Lucas questioned his dad, in a a very audible voice, if I was going to pee out of my vagina. I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall to see the look on Rob's face.

We certainly have been having heaps of fun since I finished my contract teaching. We have been holidaying in town; hanging out at the pools, parks and other numerous kid spots. What a blast. It feels good to finally have some down time as a family and be able to do things at this slower pace. Rob is lacking for sleep of course, as he leaves for the late shift and often doesn't get to bed until after two in the morning... but we make the coffee and let him sleep in a little! He also has the enviable trait of being able to sleep anywhere anytime. I am always amazed at how he can pass from awake into snoring in a matter of seconds.

The kids are growing fast. Mia is saying "mama" and well... you already know what Lucas is saying! The baseboards of the house are still not finished, but really, who cares for now, right?! With all this rain the grass looks good and really that is foremost in our minds...hahaha! I am searching pretty aggressively for work for September, but have had no luck so far. I have faith that something will come, but it is pretty hard to not know where or when I will be working.

Well, if you don't hear from me here again for a while you can assume it's the computer or the kids still won't sleep!!! But you can always email or... gasp... pick up the phone!

xox Ting

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