Thursday, June 14, 2007

Oh the drama...

It's an all-out disaster. You may have seen on the news that quite a lot of Thomas the Tank Engine pieces have been recalled due to the high lead content in the paint. Mia likes chewing on train pieces... I guess they have to go back. The big problem is that the trains are Lucas' favorite toy and the red ones (of which all of ours have been recalled) are his absolute favorite. Usually everyone else plays the other colours and Lucas drives the track with his red six-train-long wonder (including the musical caboose). How do I explain to him that his trains arer taking a long, long trip, from which they will return, but perhaps not before the train phase passes??? Do I send them on, as I responsibly should? Or train Lucas to keep them away from Mia? (Yeah right - that kid has figured out crawling like a true champ and nothing will stop her now...)

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