Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Getting Older

I've had a defeating and tiring week.

First, I turned another year older. Gulp. Although this came with three birthday cakes, birthdays sure aren't what they used to be. It was just another day that both started and ended too early. Even Lucas's birthday card for me (written by Daddy) showed signs of fatique (Daddy's) as it read " Happy Birthay Mommy." We are all over-tired in this house!

Lucas asked me if my teeth were yellow. Time to look into whitening kits or dental solutions I think. This was actually phrased as, "Your teeth are yellow Mommy?"

My brother can't stop bothering me about my white hair. (Subtle encouragement for self-improvement?)

Our home computer has crashed and we must now seek a way to get all of the unsaved information and photos off of it before we reinstall its operating system. Yes, I know I should have been backing up. I know. I know.

We had to spend $200 for ten minutes of a man's time to fumigate an ant hill in the door frame of our house. We are considering investing in a fumigation business.

I still haven't sent in my tax return and am driving with an expired license. (Must I dye my hair and whiten my teeth before this picture?!)

Pillo insists on pooping on top of my newly planted dahlias and Lucas insists on peeing on them.

So why do I feel defeated and tired?

The answer to it all; just because. Or at least that's what Lucas told me tonight when I couldn't come up with an answer to the fifth "why?" in a row. "Just because Mommy?"

Yes Lucas. Just because.

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