Sunday, May 27, 2007

April/May photos

Lucas loves bugs; wormy-worms being his favorite, closely followed by snails (see fuzzy photo above) and woodbugs. Rob bought Lucas an ant-farm (because the swarms in our kitchen we can't seem to get rid of aren't enough?) found out you had to send away for the ants, caught some of our home-bred variety instead, over-fed them (yes, it's only one goldfish cracker to us, but it is eight years of food to the ants), over-watered them, and killed them. Now we have an ant morgue wherein one can view the dead and dying ants in their desperate fight for survival. Educational. (I've obviously watched A Bug's Life too many times.)

Mia is learning to crawl with all her might in an attempt at getting at any of Lucas' toys so that she can... wait for it... chew on them, vomit, and move on, all to the frustrated screams of Lucas. He has learned to push a soft toy into her face whenever she approaches. Smart.

We are also learning to eat. Yes, all of us really. For Mia it is rice cereal and mushy unidentifiable fruit and veg, for Lucas it is the constant reminding that forks have a purpose, for me it is to simply try to eat between table-service for Lucas and dodging rasberried peas, for Rob... actually he does a pretty good job when he's home :P

Chola is getting so old. This photo saddens me and makes me want to be more patient with her whining for help to get in the house, wanting to get out of the house, barking because she can't find me, barking because she finally saw me, barking because she wants to go to the park, getting lost at the park and wandering in circles while elementary school children sound the alarm that there is a lost dog at the field, drinking copious amounts of water and peeing on the carpet, and well... I'll try, I really do love her dearly!

I want this. Badly. To sleep like a child with no care in the world. Knowing that when I wake someone will come running with open arms and love me and hold me and feed me, then tuck me back in for more sleep. It would mean no cleaning the kitchen or folding laundry, I'm fairly sure.

Cake is good. Especially when it's made together with my pal and co-cake-conspirator Lucas.

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