Monday, November 27, 2006

Waiting for Baby

We are now four days away from our due date and anxiously awaiting the new baby. Everything has been packed, folded, washed and folded again. The fridge is stocked, the master plan is on the fridge, Mom bought a cell phone.... So now what? It sure is hard to sit around waiting for something you have absolutely no control over. I guess I'm just really really hoping that this baby will not be so late that I have to be induced again. I believe it made labour with Lucas very hard. I also keep hoping that baby will come before Rob starts his new job. (Thursday - yeah right!) In the meantime, we are keeping ourselves happily busy playing and hanging out. The picture above is from a lovely evening spent with Lindsay, Ewart and their son Owen, whom Lucas is feeding in the photo. Lucas was soooo excited that baby Owie would be sleeping in the pack and play and went to bed early when Owen did. Us adults had a great time playing Settlers without the kids around. The Aitkens took home the wins... but I guess it was their turn!

I think it's going to be another interesting transition when Rob starts to work again as Lucas has been his shadow since he's been home. The two have totally spruced up the yard. (Which really means that they did damage control from the neglect the tenants left the yard in.) Lucas is a master gardener and follows Rob around with his Hummer collecting weeds and driving them to the yard trimmings bin. He's actually not too shabby with a rake either!

I've been tying up loose ends around the house, keeping ridiculously on top of the laundry and sewing pants. hahaha. This picture is me trying to finish a pair of fleece pants for Lucas while he monkeys around trying to "yook" at what I'm doing. I've managed to get a huge chunk of Christmas shopping finished and even wrapped and had a lovely evening out with Anne and Val. Rob and I even managed to watch some videos after the initial shock of walking into the Blockbuster and having no idea whatsoever about any of the movies. See what a year away will do?!

On Saturday we headed up to Cypress for a bit of a walk and a play in the snow. We had no idea that by Sunday there would be even more snow at our own house! Lucas has just been in heaven playing in it all. He is really good at pelting me with snowballs supplied by his Dad. We even broke out an early Christmas gift and gave him his own pint-sized shovel to dig with. Yesterday and today have both started with Lucas' exclamation of "WOW 'no!" from his kitchen window perch, "padpadpadpadpadpad...No more sleepy Mommy, Up Daddy. Pay outside!!!!" It's all we can do to get some breakfast in him before he is in his gear and jumping in the snow with Pillo.
We dug the truck out today and gave it a spin to make sure we're all ready to roll if baby decides to come during this freeze. I think the truck is more in shock than any of the rest of us after its year of scorching heat in Mexico. It was pretty cranky today, but warmed up to the idea of 4WD after a few minutes.

Well, I hope you are all snug and warm wherever you are reading this from. Tomorrow we are off for another doctor's appointment and to check on Mom. She's still answering her phone, but we need to make sure there's a tunnel out her door and she has food in her fridge! Just kidding, she seems to be coping just fine, we're just going to drop off some salt and check on a tree that didn't fare so well from the weight of the snow.


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