Monday, November 13, 2006

Super Size Me

So Rob is home just in time to see the rapidly expanding girth of my waist. I remember it being at about this time that I went from looking pregnant to looking larger-than-life when I was carrying Lucas. I don't think that I am as big this time around (in fact my weight and fundus height prove I'm not) but I sure am starting to feel big and bulky. These pics had us in stitches with Lucas' reactions. He has this comical habit of making sure my belly is covered at all times. Perhaps it embarrasses him? This week marks 38 of 40 weeks, so it sure is getting close. Julia should be well on her way to delivering as I write as well, which means to me that I am definitely next. Now that Rob is home I finally feel excited to meet the new little one and not apprehensive about how I'll manage.

We have been having a blast with him home. Lucas swings between being "all about Daddy" to screaming "no Daddy no Daddy" at the slightest provocation. It has been so wonderful to be able to have a shower with the door closed, eat a meal without having to stand up every two minutes ( now it's just every five!) , send the dogs out with daddy and Lucas for a bit and get the occasional extra bit of shut-eye. The incessant rain has been a bit depressing, as has the cold that Rob so kindly brought back from Mexico, but otherwise it's all sunshine over here on Chester Street.

So life is slowly getting sorted out and we should hit routine just about when the baby arrives; when everything will go out the drain, chaos will ensue and we will start over again. Ah life! So good. I'm betting on late for the baby again, so with the edd at December 1st, I'd say around the tenth or just thereafter?! We will likely have a very tiny Christmas baby, but I'm going to try and do all our Christmas shopping and cards before November is out. Ok, now I need to go out and start that, because IT'S ALMOST HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

Any guesses on the date and gender? Anybody who gets it right will get naming rights... just kidding.

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