Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Peek into my Day

Happy April!
I thought I'd share a little slice of Ting life with you today.
This morning was quite an insightful for me when I took the dogs and Lucas to the beach for our normal dog exercise after dropping Rob off at work. It started quite badly with Pillo clothes-lining Lucas from the side and knocking him very hard onto the ground. This, of course, was followed by abundant tears and much sand wiping on my part as Pillo lay submissively (not bouncing) as his punishment. Crisis solved with a lovely little stroll in the shade. Then everything got out of control. First, Chola went for a swim, which means incredible barking to announce that she is in the water and I'd better watch her NOW in case she gets blindsided by a wave and needs assistance. At the same time Pillo was refusing to retrieve his ball which was quite a ways down the beach from me. So what does Lucas do to help? Runs, (which is truly a run, not jog) down the beach in the opposite direction from all the doggy action. As I ran off after Lucas and hauled him back screaming, I was dropping every dog and kid toy with me (too many) and avoiding the pointed stares of the tourists having their breakfast at the cafe. Erk. This is when it came to me; I really am, whatever others may think, a much more patient person than I was pre-baby. I didn't scream once, nor did I shed tears; even though wanted to!(And this is a very good thing I think!) Haha! A little moment for you to picture me in.
I can't tell you how much I miss being in Vancouver as the Cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the buds poke their heads out to see the world. I especially miss those cool rains and wandering through the neighborhood with dogs, strollers a cup of coffee and good friends! This all comes as the heat begins to rise here in Zihuatanejo. Those lovely cool breezes are starting to fade away into searing heat and sticky humidity once again. Rob and I put the air conditioner on last night for the first time in what seems like many months. Ah well, I can finally bare getting into the pool again! (It was actually too cold for a while! HA! I've never been one much for cold water; even here I still prefer a warm shower.) We are, however, seeing lots of spring blooms on the trees here as well. Mom tells me the bright orange ones are Acacia trees, but alas the rest I do not know. I am simply enjoying them. We are also seeing a reduction in the visibility of tourists in the area, although Semana Santa (Holy Week) should bring a swack more.

The dogs, I'm happy to report, are feeling much better. Pillo, who is becoming fat, is currently obsessed with what we think may be geckos living in or around the stove. Yesterday he managed to pull the stove apart into metal pieces in his attempt at gecko liberation. Chola has become my little shadow as she follows me faithfully around the house now. We all change, I suppose and Chola is just needing a little more Mommy time these days.

Speaking of Moms, it's great to have Mom back and we are slowly sorting out our rightful roles in the household. Lucas has been enjoying having another person to boss around, that's for sure!

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