Thursday, April 27, 2006

Baby Aitken Makes an Appearance

Well, a week has come and gone and with it the arrival and departure of Lindsay, Ewart, and Owen. We had a fantastic week together of sand, surf, food and a lot of settling. (Settler's of Catan - our favorite board game for those of you not in the know!)

The boys were so cute together, although we really had to try and keep giant Lucas from squishing baby Owen flat. After Lucas got over the confusion of Owen not playing cars with him, he quite took to having him around; sitting beside him and watching him every once in a while.

Look carefully at Lucas' left hand in the above picture. We believe he may be saying, "hey dude, you're a little close buddy." teeheee...

Pretty good looking families, hey?!

What a looker!


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Anonymous said...

Great post, Ting!! :-) molly