Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Here we go again...

This week I started teaching a course to prepare students for something called a First Language Certificate. The job is great hours (one a day, Mon through Friday) and is very close to home. My class currently consists of only five students; a very interesting mix including the director and owner of the English school I'm teaching for, the wife of Rob's assistant, a guy who lived in Vancouver for nine years, and two young adults. I think it will be a great class, as they are such an enthusiastic bunch. Unfortunately it is creating some difficulties with organizing Lucas' bedtime, as it falls right smack in the middle of it. So far it has worked out with minimal tears on his part, but quite a bit of stress on us adults! We're having to choose between a very early bed time or a rather late one. Last night I tried early, and he slept thirteen hours, imagine! Needless to say, we tried early again tonight!

Rob is working long and odd hours as the busy sesason slowly rears its ugly head here in Zihua. Mom, Lucas I have been busy with my Aunt Pat and cousin Deb, who are here visiting for a couple of weeks. Rob and I made a very exciting discovery of a children's' play-place and activity centre that has just opened, and we have registered Lucas and myself for some classes starting in January. We've trimmed our synthetic Christmas tree but are still struggling with the stocking dilemma. We had planned to buy some cheap material and stitch some together, but every time we step foot into that zoo, Lucas has a temper tantrum and Mom breaks out in hives. We may use Rob's sport socks; they're almost big enough. ;)

I am still doing some yoga and have been immortalized on the new website of my instructor. Haha. If you look carefully you may be able to see the grimaces on my face. This month's evening class will be hosted on our roof-top deck, yet somehow I still can't get Rob or Mom to try... One too many tequilas and they're running around this place saying, "look at me, I'm Ting doing yoga!" But still no takers.

So we are just kind of here, awaiting baby-news from Linds and Ewart who are a week overdue, and getting ready for Christmas in our own quiet ways.

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