Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas in Zihua

Merry Christmas to you all! We hope you shared good food and good times with good people this holiday. Here's a little photo tour of how we spent ours.

Mom and I sat up late on Christmas Eve sewing some last minute stockings and chatting. I woke up at midnight, after having fallen asleep on the sofa, to the sound of fireworks and dogs howling. It seems as though just about any occasion will do as an excuse to make loud bangs here. Rob rolled in at two in the morning after a very busy and also very successful dinner service at the club.

It was very hard to keep Lucas away from the tree and the taunting new digger at six thirty in the morning, so after half an hour of me trying to convince him to watch just a little more Pooh's Christmas, we were up rousing the house with loud sounds of delight. A big thank you to Deb who graciously lugged the ten-pound vehicle to Zihua in her suitcase for us. Lucas is in love with it. It was quite a struggle to get him into bed last night without tucking the digger in beside him for the night ...

Lucas was very intrigued with his Christmas stocking, and dutifully showed Daddy everything he found in his, and then in Abuelita's. He was, however, slightly disgruntled that Daddy received a Hot Wheels ATV in his stocking, and was sure Santa had made a mistake.

We were thoroughly spoiled by family who generously sent things down to make Christmas very special indeed. Although we missed everyone terribly, it was a warm reminder of how much we all do value our family and our friends. We were touched by the phone calls and emails we received. Here is Lucas with his new easel. Mmmm...chalk tastes goooooood...

After a lovely day of swimming, ice cream and relaxing, we ended the evening with shrimp ceviche, a roast pork, roast potatoes, carrots, a bottle of good wine and a game of Settlers.

Happy Boxing Day!

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Tinguita your blog is great. I miss you very much M