Monday, October 17, 2005

Online Again

Yippee! We are back online and I am eager to fill you all in on some of our latest exploits. My cryptic last post alluded to our wet adventures at our old house. Indeed we have now left the house my mother so fondly calls "La Casa de los Horores" and moved into our new paradise right in town. Here is a photo of what we wake up to just about every morning.

The house is a dream compared to our old one. Actually, it's a dream compared to any of the homes we've ever lived in! I promise a photo tour very soon.

We had a fantastic visit with George, Jus, and Logan. It was unfortunate that they had to get caught in the storm, with us, but we sure did appreciate the help with the move! Justine, Mom and I may never forget being caught on the highway in the car with the babies and dogs in the middle of the hurricane. I surely never will. When we returned the next day to see what we had abandoned, we were astounded by some of the destruction right along where we had been driving. Only by the grace of God did we manage to drive a straight line with such limited visibility and sheer terror of the lightening striking directly above. When we got into town we spent three quarters of an hour driving through literally rivers that were once major roads. Thank god for SUV's. Now I understand why they do make sense in some circumstances. Rob found our license plate on the side of the road the next day. When we arrived to the new house George had to pull into the garage for me because I had jello legs. Truly a tropical storm like I have never been part of before. Not sure I loved it this time... Not a fantastic picture, but here is Justine standing in our flooded living room at three in the morning.

We now own a whole lot of water damaged items; mostly Lucas' books and moldy clothing. Mmmmmmm... Lovely. George's computer miraculously made it through after being picked up off the floor in the middle of it all. Anyways, except for the soggy inconveniences, we were all happy to arrive to our new, water-tight home and enjoy the rest of the visit.

The lovely Justine and tuckered-out Logan.

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